Jennifer Greene
Attorney at Law

1362 Pacific Ave
Santa Cruz, CA 95062
Phone: (831) 459-6800
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“Jennifer helped me with my divorce in a way that allowed me to be my own attorney throughout the process....The result was that we saved thousands on our divorce, never had to go to court, and never had to file paperwork that put each other down. We wanted out of our marriage and with Jennifer's help it was a relatively dignified process. I would recommend her to anyone..”

- G.V., Monterey




Your legal issues are problems that need solving. I try to guide my clients through without formal litigation when appropriate. If children are involved their interests are paramount in our discussions. I support my clients to find the best solution for their particular situation in the most productive way.

We begin with an office consultation. This is completely confidential. After gathering available information from the client, I lay out options to choose from and provide a legal analysis of the situation. Each client’s matter is completely unique. I encourage clients to understand the law as it pertains to their situation, their responsibilities, and the options available to them.

At the end of the initial meeting, we decide how to proceed. Some clients wish to learn about their rights in a one-time meeting. Others wish to represent themselves. Still others want an attorney to represent them in court for a hearing, or for their entire case. They may wish to take part in a collaborative process, a mediation, or negotiate a settlement. All of these services are available through my office.

Sometimes the only way out…is through.

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